City of Canals by Adriana Dziuba

City of Canals, original palette knife acrylic painting of vibrant Venice with colourful houses and boats by Adriana Dziuba
“City of Canals” by Adriana Dziuba

City of Canals, 80cm x 60cm, Original palette knife painting created in 2014.

Materials used: Acrylic paint, Non yellowing varnish, box canvas

This artwork is inspired by beautiful and vibrant Venice with its colorful houses and boats. I created this painting with many layers of acrylic paint applied with various palette knives. I  find playing with colour and texture a very exciting process.

This painting is still available and you can purchase it here

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Adriana x

Published by adrianadziubaart

I’m a Bournemouth based artist who specializes in cityscape and landscape abstract paintings. I love strong, vibrant colours, different textures and my favourite medium is acrylic.

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